Clinical Practice Standard

Question 1

Situation: Advanced practice nurses in a busy orthopedic clinic have been discussing what they perceive as a high level of anxiety in clients prior to knee replacement surgery and the lack of a clinical practice standard in the facility that addresses this issue. They have decided to study this problem in order to establish evidence based practice in their setting.

1. Can this issue be researched? 
2. How can this issue be studied using a quantitative method of inquiry?
3. How can this issue be addressed using a qualitative method of inquiry?
4. How could the study of this issue be further developed into an intervention for practice (PIP)?

*Remember to respond to the topic first, then reply to at least 2 fellow students. Also remember to support your point of view with relevant citations from the literature or text.

Question 2

You are assisting a person with range of motion (ROM) exercises. The person does not want to participate and tells you to leave the room. Does the person have the right to refuse? What will you do? Does the nursing center have to take action?

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