Clinical Breast Examination

Question 1

A 42 year old female presents to your office with complaint of a palpable breast mass that she noticed while performing her breast self-examination. After taking her history, you perform a clinical breast examination which reveals a solitary, 3 cm, mobile, non-painful, rubbery mass. On the basis of her clinical breast examination, what is most likely her diagnosis?

Question 1 options:

Fibrocystic breast changes


Intraductal papilloma

Invasive breast cancer

Question 2

Which of the following contraceptives would not be a reasonable method for a 40 year old patient that smokes 1 pack of cigarettes per day and has a history of hypertension?

Question 2 options:

Contraceptive patch


Mirena IUD


Question 3

What is a good first question for the nurse practitioner to ask a woman who presents with a concern about abnormal bleeding?

Question 3 options:

What is a normal pattern for you?

How long has this persisted?

What was your last menstrual cycle like?

How many times has this occurred?

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