Climate, Hydrology and Water Supply

The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you are making progress on your research project, which is due at the end of the term and is worth 20% of your course grade.

Save this file to your computer, and answer each of the questions following the prompt. A complete answer is a minimum of 2-3 complete sentences – though more is probably better here, since you need to do this research thoroughly for your project! Use proper grammar and a professional tone. Do not use any direct quotes – all information should be re-stated in your own words, and the source cited.

Note: References must be listed in APA HYPERLINK “”  HYPERLINK “”f HYPERLINK “”ormat. DO NOT just copy and paste website links.

For this assignment, please find and use a minimum of ONE scholarly source. For the final Research Project however, you will need to find and incorporate at least three scholarly sources (i.e., peer-reviewed articles or books). Use Web of Science to ensure you are finding scholarly sources. Information about scholarly sources is provided in the Research Project Module on Canvas.

  • What city are your researching? Cape Town, South Africa
  • What is the current climate of your city (i.e., long-term average conditions, not current weather)? Describe important aspects of climate, e.g., annual and seasonal patterns of rainfall, temperature, etc. Also describe the causes of the climate characteristics (i.e., climatology concepts from Modules 1 and 3).

Information sources:

  • What is the current physical hydrology of your city? (Describe the nearby water sources, including rivers, lakes and aquifers).

Information sources:

  • What is the current water source used by your city? (Where does the current water supply come from – e.g., a nearby river, lake, aquifer, etc. Be specific).

Information sources:

  • What is the current water supply system of your city? (Describe the system of water collection, treatment and distribution). Who supplies the water? Is it a public utility, a private company, or some other arrangement?

Information sources:

  • What are the key issues this city faces in terms of current and/or future water supply?

Information sources:

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