Class Average

Consider the file named data3as shown below:








The format is:


Write a awk script called Lab4B.4.awkthat will display the data in the following tab delimited format:

FirstName LastName PhoneNumber UserID@Email State Zip

In addition to this the phone number must be formatted in the following format:


Part V: The Big Score

Consider the file named data4as shown below:

pchen72 50 71 55 93 115

jmaszk 45 76 49 88 102

bvbui 59 78 53 96 145

mtcrowle 33 65 39 82 100

mrchave354 77 56 98 158

This file is made up by a username followed by five scores. Write a script named Lab4B.5.shthat will compute the final percentage score, out of the max score of 450, for each student as well as the class average overall.

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