Civil Suits

Question 1

Increasingly, more women are becoming account owners of Banks. However, questions concerning how they are treated by Banks and other financial institutions have been raised by women’s groups. Banks are particularly important to small businesses, since studies show that Bank financing represents about one-quarter of total debt, and that for medium-sized businesses the proportion rises to approximately one-half.

If women’s requests for loans are rejected more frequently than are men’s requests, or if women must pay higher interest charges than men do, women have cause for complaint. Banks might then be subject to criminal as well as civil suits. To examine this issue in the Western province of Sri Lanka a mini-research project needs to be done. It should involve a survey with the following questions.

1. What is the gender of the borrower? 1 – Male, 2 – Female
2. Was the loan application approved? 1 – No, 2 – Yes
3. If it was approved, what interest rate did you get? (How much above the prime rate was your rate?)

What does the data disclose about possible gender bias by the Banks? You may use techniques of correlation and hypothesis testing that was taught in class.

Question 2

Explain the psychosocial effects on negligence of the mentally ill on the streets – the role of social work.

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