Child Removal

Qustion 1

Louise Erdrich’s “American Horse” looks at the removal of children from Native families. Describe what you know of child removal, adoptions, state violence to families.

Begin with an experience from your own life or someone you know that relates in some way to a theme in the story, then transition to a thoughtful analysis of the text with quotes and explanation. Finally conclude with reference both to your experience and the author’s main purpose in the story with brief research on current research on the issue, which allows you to come to some final insights about the issues the work addresses. The cover page and the references page are not counted as pages!


Question 2

Word count: 350.

Need to answer this : How successfully does one author, either Pollan or Hurst, use one of the three types of appeal to support his argument?

Specific Core Requirements for this Discussion Entry: As explained in “How to Write,” most authors use three main appeals to support their arguments: pathos, logos and ethos. Although both Pollan and Hurst use all three types of appeal to build their arguments, in a one-paged essay (double spaced and with 11 to 12 Times New Roman or Arial font) identify and explain one strong example of just one type of appeal (your choice) used in either “An Animal’s Place” & “The Omnivore’s Delusion.” Analyze and assess how successfully the author’s use of this appeal you describe supports his larger argument; offer both critical and sympathetic reading for a balanced analysis of this particular instance of your chosen appeal type. Be sure to explain what the author’s argument is as you assess how the appeal supports it.

General Core Requirements for ALL Discussion Entries: in order to earn a complete score, your discussion entries will need to meet the following five main criteria. They must be: written in full sentencesclearly and conciselyanswer the questions and/or follow the instructions offered in the prompts, accurately employspecific examples and quotations from the assigned readings as needed, and offer both interpretations and analyses of specific examples and quotes when required.

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