Child Care

Chlorine bleach-based bathroom cleaners may be used to:

Clean and disinfect in one step
Clean, but not disinfect
Disinfect, but not clean
Bleach-based bathroom cleaners are not acceptable 

Around what age are children at the greatest risk of SIDS:

Birth to six weeks
Three months
Five months
Six months
One year

In a child care home or facility, babies can nap in a:

Carseat, swing or crib
Crib or playyard
Crib, floor or adult bed
Carseat or Crib

Sanitizers are used on food preparation surfaces and other areas regularly handled.

Items soiled with fecal matter can be laundered at the child care home or facility.

Indoor climbing equipment is:

Not allowed
Encouraged, but should be sized appropriately for children in care
Allowed, as long as padding or mats are in place
Only appropriate for older children

How much 5.25 percent bleach is added per gallon of water to disinfect?
One tablespoon
1/8 cup
1/4 cup
1/2 cup
1 cup

Soft toys can be:

Sanitized by washing in hot water
Disinfected in bleach water
Soft toys are not allowed 
Sanitized with a spray cleaning solution 
Washed in the dishwasher 

Notes about food allergies should be:

Posted in the kitchen
Posted in both food preparation service areas
Stored in children’s files
Posted in every room of the child care home or facility
Posted in the dining or eating area

Dishwashers can be used to sanitize toys, cups and other items

Bottles of breast milk or formula may be stored in the refrigerator up to:

Three days
24 hours
Two days
Four days
Three months

Moist towelettes are a completely acceptable alternative to soap and water hand washing:

Sudden infant death syndrome can strike children:

Up to six months old
Up to nine months old
Up to three months old
Up to one year old
Up to 18 months old

Children of teen mothers are:

At lower risk of SIDS
At a greater risk of SIDS
More frequently ill
More likely to be male
Less likely to be in child care

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