Chief Executive Officer

1. Read the case study for this unit regarding ExtremeNet and Allen Lopez.
As the Chief Executive Officer for ExtremeNet, you are responsible for resolving the conflict between Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet in a manner that demonstrates solid ethical reasoning skills and the ability to manage stakeholder interests. 

2. Click the “Rubric” button to view how the Conflict Resolution Paper Assignment will be graded. 

3. As the leader of ExtremeNet, it is your responsibility to resolve the following questions:

Should Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet? Support your answer using ethical theory?

Should ExtremeNet attempt a lawsuit to force the removal of this website? Support your answer using ethical theory?

How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best respect the rights of Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet? Explain the impact of your ethical decision on Allen Lopez and the company?

How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best repair the relationship between management and employees while meeting the needs and goals of the company? Demonstrate an understanding of the issues and how to best unify the company to move forward?

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