Characters and Treatment Plan

Option 1: Write a case analysis as indicated in the instructions below.

Choose and view one of the following films: A Beautiful Mind (2001), Benny and Joon (1993), or The Soloist (2009). Based on the diagnosable character in the film, write a case analysis and treatment plan Specifically, complete each of the following:

Diagnosis and Supporting Evidence – Develop an accurate diagnosis using the DSM-5 criteria listed for the disorders studied. Support the diagnosis by writing a description of the symptoms and related information from the film that substantiates your conclusions. While developing your argument to support the provided diagnosis, specifically address each of the criteria and include an example of how the patient fits the criteria. If there is a rule-out diagnosis, please highlight the ways in which the client does not fit the rule-out diagnosis based on the criteria.
Description of the Disorder – In addition to criteria cited in the DSM-5, find two scholarly articles or online resources that offer information to help you better understand the disorder that you selected in your diagnosis. Using these articles as a reference, describe the nature, etiology, course, and effects of the disorder. Be sure to discuss the systemic effects as well as the effects on the individual.
Treatment Plan – Develop a treatment plan for working with the client using a family therapy based treatment. Identify a specific model that you feel would be beneficial for use with this case and then do each of the following. You are encouraged to continue reflecting on the model that you previously chose as the best fit in your previous courses (e.g., MFT 5104 and MFT 5105):
Discuss the relevance of the model for the case.
Discuss at least two specific interventions that you would use from the model.
Describe how using the family therapy based treatment would be beneficial for the client and any ways (if applicable) that additional services or referral to another professional might be necessary (e.g., medication, medical assessment, referral to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or inpatient facility, etc.).
In your description of the treatment plan, be sure to continue to integrate information about the case from the film that you chose (e.g., do not simply discuss what you would do with a person with the given disorder; write about how the model and interventions that you have selected fit with the specific client from the film). *****Do not simply provide a synopsis of the film.

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