Central Theme

Question 1

PART 1: There are many characteristics that make EFFECTIVE and INEFFECTIVE public speakers. Based on your understanding, (1) list the characteristics that you feel make an effective and ineffective public speaker, and (2) explain what you believe to be the four most important characteristics of both, explain why.

PART 2: Attached are two sample speeches. Examine the two speeches (Tap, Tap, Tap and Third-Culture Kid) and select only ONE speech to assess by answering the following questions:

1. How does the opening paragraph gain the attention of the audience, introduce the subject of the speech, and preview the main points to be discussed in the body?

2. How clearly is the body of the speech organized? What does the speaker do to help listeners follow the progression of ideas?

3. How does the speaker conclude? Does the conclusion reinforce the central theme of the speech?

Question 2

Read Guinier. Explain her main argument. Be sure to address (1) page
a. What was the Voting Rights Act supposed to accomplish?
b. What does she think are the limitations regarding its ability to promote racial justice?
c. What does she propose as an alternative?
d. Why do you think of her proposal? Why?
Read several of the shorter remaining think pieces: For instance, read part 2, 3 and 6 or part 4,5
and 6. You don’t need to read in depth.
A. What are the different assumptions about voting being conveyed?
B. What is your position? (Not who are you voting or not voting for, but what’s your philosophy
about voting itself (ie voting for candidate for major party, vs, 3rd party, vs not voting, etc; Is
voting important? Why or why not?)

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