Central Tendency

The arithmetic mean:

A. is a unique number for any data set.

B. is always the most representative measure of central tendency for any given data set.

C. is the only measure of location where the sum of the deviations of each value from the mean will always be zero.

D. Both A and C Reset Selection
Merchandise inventory purchases for a firm for a three-month period are: January: 2,000 units @ $12 per unit; February: 1,800 @ $14 per unit; March 2,600 units @ 15 per unit. What is the mean unit cost of merchandise inventory?

A. $12.82

B. $13.33

C. $13.78

D. $14.00 Reset Selection
One advantage of the median as a measure of central tendency is:

A. the possibility of more than one median existing for a given data set.

B. its usefulness for comparing two or more data sets.

C. its usefulness for describing nominal data sets.

D. that it is not affected by extreme values in the data set. Reset Selection

The median:

A. usually appears twice in a data set.

B. cannot be computed from a frequency distribution.

C. can be computed for all levels of data.

D. is the midpoint of values in a distribution that is ordered from the smallest to the largest. Reset Selection

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