Central Ideas

Question 1

Re-read through the EPIPHANY & NATURE sections of the anthology, A Book of Luminous Things. INTERPRETATION OF A SINGLE POEM: Write an essay in which you interpret the overall meaning (or message) of a single poem from those we read. Choose a poem which you feel will provide enough depth and material for your essay. Make sure to express the meaning (or message) in a clear thesis statement. The best way to approach this essay would be to ask yourself: “What’s the single message, or lesson, the poet is trying to get across?” If you can answer that question, you’ll be on your way to developing an arguable thesis.
3. Format: Times New Roman Font, 12 point font, double spaced, MLA Formatting, Works Cited
4. Length: 900+ words MINIMUM

Question 2

Choose a poem that appeals to you.

b) Read the poem all the way through.

c) Determine the meaning and pronunciation of each word used in the poem. Consult a dictionary or ask your teacher for help finding additional resources.

d) Summarize the the central ideas of the poem and determine the poem’s mood. Your understanding of the poem will affect your speaking style.

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