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For this weeks lab, you will need to access the software through VM. Once you are in VM, go to the Start Menu, find Paraben and the click Device Seizure. Please note that some of the information in the videos deals with actual working with physical devices. Since this is an online class, you will be working only with images of devices. With that being said, you will need to download the image of the Palm Treo from Blackboard or download from Passouts-Paullet-Mobile, to your desktop. The image must ALWAYS be copied to the desktop in order to open it in the software. Once the image is on the desktop you can Click the image and it will open in Device Seizure or you can import the file by opening the software then clicking open case. Once the image is in the software you will need to click SORT from the top task bar. If you do not Sort the data you will not be able to analyze the image. For this weeks case you are only responsible for finding the answers to the questions being asked. You will need to explore the software to find the answers. Mobile forensics is very different than computer forensics. There is not a one size fits all for all phones.  The software that you are using currently supports over 26,000 devices. With each device you will see differences. In many ways  this is much different than computer forensics. Throughout the next few weeks you will see the file structures change from phone to phone. Please use the first couple of labs to become familiar with the tool. In addition to answering the questions in detail, you need to write a 1-page report. 

Note:  The required Paraben Device Seizure case file is attached to this assignment.  The case file name is “Palm Treo Case File.ds”

  • Any assignments submitted after that time will receive a 10% penalty per day and after three days the assignment will not be accepted.

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