Cash Collection

Question 1

Gadgets Corporation’s 2019 forecasts reveal the following sales budget:

Screenshot from 2018-10-01 16-25-55

Based on past track record, Gadgets expects to collect 35% of all credit sales in the month of sale, 50% of all credit sales in the month following the sale, and 9% two months following the sale. Gadgets expect the remaining 6% to be uncollectible bad debts.

Required: Prepare a schedule showing cash collections (from both Cash and Credit sales) for March through May 2019 using the following format:

Screenshot from 2018-10-01 16-26-40

Question 2

A. Inclusive Education is about good teaching, a positive attitude and most often common sense, with an ultimate goal to develop a learner/child to reach his or her potential. Write an essay of approximately 2-3 pages discussing how you as an ECD teacher can make that possible. Consider the following:

1. The environment

2. Leaner profile/ Diagnostic profile

3. Support

B. During your TE, identify a child/learner(s) with barriers to learning (a barrier to learning is anything preventing a learner/child from reaching his/her potential) and explain how you went about making teaching and learning possible for that child/learner(s), taking into consideration the above-mentioned three aspects.

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