Case study project

Posted in the “Case study project” folder in Blackboard is a file with case studies. Select one for your project. For your selection, you will need to design a training program (including an evaluation plan). Write-ups will be submitted through Turnitin on Blackboard. Other resources may also be used if it is suspected a student is claiming work as their own when it is not their work.

It is acceptable to use sources outside the course materials for “inspiration” in completing this project, but please remember to put your own spin on it and properly cite the original source. Using a source for inspiration does not include copying a mesocycle plan from another resource. If you are unsure if you are inspired or plagiarizing, please ask the course TA(s) or instructor and they will be happy to help you.

Format: To receive full points: the provided template must be used, the page limit must be adhered to, and all components must be addressed. No more than one page for a text explanation of the plan and the remaining one page (or one page plus, if your text is less than one page) of tables/figures. There is no minimum, but there is an absolute limit of two pages total maximum. Font should be normally spaced, no smaller than 11-point size, and margins of no less than 0.5 inches. Your instructor prefers sans serif fonts and left page justification. There is a template included in the “Case study project” folder to help you with these formatting requirements and requests. The font must be the same throughout the entire document, and text only (no pictures, PDFs, etc.). Tables must be created in the word processing file or copied as a table (NOT an image) from a spreadsheet program (Excel, etc.). Any deviation from this (i.e. using methods to try to “beat” TurnItIn) are considered academic dishonesty.

The project must be submitted as a word processing (Word, Pages, etc.) document. No portion of the assignment may be in PDF, an image (jpeg, etc.), or any other format. The font must be the same for the entire document. Failure to submit in this format will result in an automatic deduction and/or a request to re-submit the project.

Components to include

(see Blackboard template)

Overall goals and plan: What is the person’s goals, and what are your goals for the person?

Exercise testing to monitor the goals and plan: How are you going to monitor progression towards the goals and the efficacy of the training plan? What specific tests are you going to conduct, and when?

Exercise prescription, using FITT-VP: Be sure to submit a COMPLETE exercise prescription. If you are prescribing RT exercises, it is OK to use terms such as “three different leg resistance exercises on the weight stack machines” instead of listing specific exercises. You will be graded on intensity (be specific—how is the person gauging their intensity? HR, RPE, %1RM, etc.), mode (type), etc. more than the exact exercise selected, as long as the exercise is reasonable (for example, if your case study was a 93 year old man who has never lifted before and you say he should start with Olympic lifts you will not get full points even if the other details are correct). The FITT-VP should be labeled and easy to find.

The answers to any specific questions related to the individual case study need to also be included.

Hints: 1) Think of the assignment as a mesocyle of 12 weeks in length; 2) if you were to hand the two pages to another student in this course, they should be able to execute the program (what details would they need to know?)

Pre-submission feedback and questions: If you would like specific feedback on your plan, send it to this by sending it as an email attachment (yes, email and not BB message). To receive your feedback, go to

General questions should be posted in the discussion forum. The assignment is

You are to do this project independently. However, you are free to chat about the assignment with other students, but be careful of working together so that you do not submit similar projects.

Your overall guide to grading:

<60  Missing item: No mention of item(s)

<60  Inadequate: Mentions item(s) but no details

60  Poor: Difficult to follow, lacks logic, jumbled

70  Fair: Mentions items and attempts to describe/support item, but lacks clarity

80  Acceptable but weak: Mentions item, gives brief but inadequate description/support

90  Good, but missing critical details: Majority of items mentioned, but minor items may be missing or inadequate.

100  Excellent: Item very clear, well described/supported, easy to follow, critical thinking/evaluation evident, no errors or illogical exercises.

All papers start off at 100 points, and missing/wrong items are deducted from this. Common errors that lead to deducted points (listed here in hopes you will avoid them!):

  • Over the page limit (-10 pts), many typos/grammatical errors
  • Not specifying when the testing occurs or when the tests are repeated
  • Not listing the goals, or inappropriate goals
  • Testing plan does not match the goals
  • ExRx does not match the goals
  • No progression in the ExRx, excessively conservative or aggressive progression

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