Case Analysis


Read the material: Boo- ExpectationsC.pdf.  

After that,  consider the case questions, and write a Case Analysis Paper

1. Based upon your reading of the case study, “Expectations,” how does Light’s “four tides” and “hyper-reform” theses that were drawn from the federal government apply to local level reorganizations?

2. Based upon your reading of the case study, “Expectations,” please summarize the degree to which Michael Bennet addressed the 8 factors of successful organizational change outlined in the Fernandez and Rainey piece. Which of these factors did Bennet emphasize? Which seemed to be ignored?

3. Using these factors (o any others you might identify from what we have covered in class), what might Bennet have done differently to effect successful change at Manual (or in the school district generally)? In other words, how should Bennet have better crafted his reorganization strategy before he implemented it?

4. To what extent does this case demonstrate the constraints on public managers?

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