Career Portfolio

Chapter one in the course text addresses the portfolio you will create as you progress in this course. This will show to potential employers the best of your work, your accomplishments, and your skills. Support materials include lists of the skills you have, awards and achievements earned, letters of recommendation, and goals for your future, This is impressive proof of your skills and abilities-instead of just talking about it during an interview; you can show your portfolio and add to your credibility.

Please respond to all of the following prompts:

  • Cite two benefits of preparing a career portfolio.
  • Of the four steps mentioned in” Learning Activities,” which one will be most challenging for you? Share your rationale.

These are the four steps

Ø  Preparation is the foundation of the entire job search. It involves self-assessment and reflection. During the preparation phase, you will assess your values, interests, strengths, abilities, and needs, and set goals. Define what you want in a job–that’s the 1st step.

Ø  Planning involves setting up a schedule and monitoring how you are doing daily. You will need to create a quiet place to work: return calls, do computer work (résumés, cover letters), and keep records. This requires commitment.

Ø  Taking action involves actively researching jobs. By networking, making calls, going online to job search sites, creating your résumé, and filling out applications—all this helps point you in the direction of success. Inactivity is the #1 cause of failure. Keep that attitude positive.

Ø  Follow-up involves attending to the details of your search. Return phone calls, update your résumé, and send the thank-you notes and follow-up on leads. All of this gives you the leading edge.

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