Career Exploration & Definition

you have to follow the attachment description <

and do it from 6 to 7 pages with source for each career on the description

and make sure no plagiarism

also, Iam international student and graduate degree student ,so the professor will knows that is not my writing,

use easy vocabulary.


notice that due on 9 hours from now


Assignment #1 Career Exploration & Definition Your main task is to identify and define three possible career pathways in which you might be interested in pursuing after graduation. Conduct a search on the internet for each of your career options in order to define your job choices. First, you will prepare a page job description for each of the three careers and include any references that helped you to construct these definitions (list the references at the end of the career description in APA

Second, for each of your three career options, two separate community locations that would employ our profession. Contact those agencies and ask questions to clarify your career definition and add any local and specific details to the description that might be able to gather from your conversations. Include of following information from your conversations with the locations/agencies following your description and internet references:
1. With whom did you speak?
2. Where is the agency located?
3. Date, time and length of your conversation?
In sum, you should have three separate career assignments that consist of the following parts: a. Internet career description
b. Internet references
c. Community agency career definition details added i,
d. Community agency conversation information (1-3 above) added for each of the two locations at is the de Length: A minimum of 12 pages )

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