Career Counselling


It has become very common for combat veterans to experience disabling injuries on their tours of duty. Explain what you could do in order to aid them in their post-military career development process. Identify any local resources that may support your endeavors.

our text book reference for class: Brown, S.D., & Lent, R.W. (2013). Career development and counseling: Putting theory and research to work (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-13: 9781118063354.


For the camping trip, the Coffman family had brought many bags of peanuts for snacks. Peanuts were everyone’s favorite, so they were well stocked. Unfortunately, the campground was populated by various animals who also enjoyed an occasional peanut. The first night, after the Coffman family went to bed, a raccoon visited their camp and ate five of the bags of peanuts they had brought. The next day, the Coffmans ate one-third of the remaining bags. That night, a beaver came to call and ate two more of the bags. The next day, the Coffmans consumed one-fourth of the remaining bags for breakfast. Then they took the boat trip described in the Crossing the River with Dogs problem, and they had to feed one bag of peanuts to each dog to get the dogs to quiet down.

That night, an elephant from a nearby zoo came to the camp and ate four bags of peanuts. The next day, each member of the Coffman family ate one-ninth of the remaining bags. That night, a spotted owl ate half of the remaining bags. The next day, there were only four bags left. The Coffmans couldn’t decide how to split them among the five of them, so they fed them to the ducks. How many bags of peanuts did the Coffmans bring with them on the camping trip? 

(There were five dogs and five owners, Each dog had their own owner. A total of 10. Five of each.)

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