Car Models

Part 1

In preparing this case identify the exact new car (make and model) you want to buy. Be realistic and practical. Choose what would most likely be the car you would actually buy.

2. Next select three separate dealerships in the DFW area that sell this model car and plan your visits (in person or on the Internet). Identify the three (3) dealerships by name and location..

3. Use the car comparison shopping worksheet on pp., 154-155 as a guide. Include all information on this worksheet. page 2 4. Your written report should include the (1) make and model of the car you selected, (2) the completed worksheet above, and (3) a summary paragraph identifying which dealership you would choose to purchase your car from and why. Be sure to show all calculations.

Part 2

In preparing this problem you need to make several decisions before gathering your data.

a) Determine what the present cost of riding the bus to work vs the cost of driving to work, to the new job. (See Ch 5 p. 135 regarding cost per mile)

b) Determine how much it costs to buy lunch at the employee’s cafeteria vs the cost for lunch at a restaurant. (New employer has no cafeteria)

c) Determine how much more it will cost on the new job to upgrade your wardrobe since it will require more fashionable clothes.

d) Include any added incidental costs, such as drinks, snacks, happy hours that you might spend at the new job vs what you spend at the old job.

2. After determining all the costs associated with the new job vs what you spend on the old job (commuting, clothes, lunches, etc.), determine how much more income you will need from the new job to cover your increase in expenses. Show all calculations.

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