Capitalism in USSR

You must choose 2 of the following question. Each question should be answered in 350 words or less (approximately 1.5 double spaced pages). You will type the questions and both grammar and spelling will be counted. (in other words, if it is hard to read and grade I will hold it against you.) This test will be due as per what is listed in Canvas. Please copy and paste the question at the top of your answer. For each essay, you write be sure to use at least 2 citations from the book or other sources. List the page and information on the source at the bottom of the essay. The citation listing will not count against your word count however the citation does count towards your word count. Do NOT copy and paste information into your essay without citing it, that is plagiarism and will get you a 0 grade if done.

1. Compare the transition to capitalism in the USSR to that in Poland. Be sure to list the respective policies and how they worked. Talk about the role of agriculture. Was one more successful than the other?
2. Compare the move to capitalism in Russia to the more gradual changes in China. How does ‘green fielding’ fit into this discussion. What were the major reforms in each country any observer should be aware of?
3. Compare the organization of the communist state in Russia to the organization of communism under Mao in China. What are the major differences between Maoism and Stalinism?
here is the link for the book:
chapter 10: Soviet Union
chapter 12: Poland
chapter 15: china

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