Calculus Practice

1.   A common NON POLAR molecule is methane. CH4         T or F?

2.  An neutral solution has  a pH :

a. Greater than 12

b. Greater than 7

c. Equal to 7

d.  Less than 2

3.  Tomato juice has a lower pH than sodium bicarbonate.  T or f?

4.  The organelle that is responsible for packaging cell products for export out of the cell is:

a.Golgi complex

b.  Smooth ER

c.  Rought ER

d.  Mitochondrion

5.  A group of cells form a tissue.   T or f?

6. The following is composed of  tall, cells with one nucleus.

a. Squamous epithelium

b.  Cuboidal epithelium

c.  Columnar epithelium

d.  Transitional epithelium

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