Business Topics


Go to and search for a TED talk on any business topic that interests you. View it (most are 15-20 minutes long), then write one full page about what you learned from that person. Your work should be typed, double-spaced, and submitted online by the assigned due date.

Reminder:  This homework assignment must be at least one FULL page and typed, double-spaced, and submitted online by the assigned due date.  I do not tolerate typographical errors; therefore, each spelling mistake is an automatic three-point deduction. In addition, each punctuation/grammar error is a two-point deduction.


A major obstacle to the global adoption, expansion, and progress of eHealth is the lack of available healthcare workers trained in informatics and adequately prepared to work in this growing field. What unique skill set(s) are needed to work in this evolving discipline? What obstacles present themselves as informatics expands globally (e.g., education/language barriers, differences in terminology, legal issues, access to technology, regulatory policies, etc.)? How might these challenges be overcome?

600 words and 1 Biblical Integration

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