Business Research Project


A company is designing a survey to obtain information on the reliability of a product it sells. To obtain the most valid research information, who should the company send this type of survey to?

A. A random sample of its customers

B. Vendors

C. Customers who have bought the product

D. Employees


The following practice is considered ethical when conducting business research:

A. Disclosing some, but not all, financial interests that may affect research

B. Allowing participants to withdraw from a business research project whenever they ask to do so

C. Keeping minimal records of research activities and research design

D. Revealing only a small part of the purpose of the business research project


If a population distribution is skewed to the right, then given a random sample from that population, one would expect that the
 A. median is greater than the mean

B. mode is equal to the mean

C. median is less than the mean

D. median is equal to the mean


Textbook Price Number of Textbooks
$25 to $35 2

$35 to $45 16

$45 to $55 5

$55 to $65 7

$65 to $75 20

Estimate the standard deviation of the price of a textbook.
 A. 14.03

B. 33.85

C. 196.78

D. 729.00



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