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Arias 1

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I believe both business ethics and social responsibility go hand in hand and are both equally importance in a healthcare institution.  My perspective on how the healthcare institutions in the United States rank these topics is that they are both ranked highly.  In order for an institution to be successful they must ensure that everyone benefits from the institution.  Not only is ethical behavior within a healthcare institution important, but caring for the workers, giving back to the community and being financially, environmentally, and socially responsible are also imperative.    The organization’s profit depends on the quality of service given to their clients, as well to their employees.  It is in the best interest of  healthcare institution to highly rank and give priority to both social responsibility and business ethics.

Tomlinson 1.2 Discussion

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Social responsibility and business ethics includes concepts of how organizations deal with human rights and ethical behavior.  Changes in society and healthcare delivery have shed a new light on corporate social responsibility, specifically in healthcare.  In healthcare, this responsibility includes absence of harm and safe environments for patients and staff.   In order for healthcareinstitutions to remain competitive in the market, they must demonstrate these standards.  My perception is that healthcare institutions rank high in social responsibility and business ethics because that is now what they are measured against.  Quality, safety, performance improvement, etc. are examples of these metrics.  Patients now have the ability to look up any healthcare institution and see how they perform.  Complete transparency is now the norm.  Many institutions take part in and support the commonwealth of people and have social responsibility as part of their mission.  They want to contribute to the health and well-being of the communities they serve.  Many organizations are beginning to realize you can support the environment, human rights, good business practices and still make a profit.

Business ethics and social responsibility tend to be under the same umbrella.  By creating benefits for patients, physicians, and society, healthcare institutions can improve outcomes and decrease overall costs.  The delivery of healthcare should be guided by these concepts and promotes all around sustainability.

Heard 1.2

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Business ethics

Health care organizations need to take a look at how they make ethical decisions involving their business operations. I ask myself;

Should organizations invest scarce resources in profit-making areas that are likely to serve a relatively small number of patients, or in areas that will provide basic care to a larger number of patients?

This question like many can’t be solved definitively, but I do believe they can be anticipated and managed.

It is crucial for health care institutions to support good care through ethically sound policy, clear and fair processes, and ongoing ethics education for patient care providers at all levels, and through access to a clinical ethics consultation service that can consult with clinicians on difficult cases.

Social Responsibility

I believe that due to company’s enormous size and scope, it is easy to overlook ethics. Corporate social responsibility is about caring for the workers, giving back to the community, and being financially, environmentally, and socially responsible.

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