Business And International Law

8-10 PowerPoint slides (plus reference slides) with 100–150 words speaker notes per slide

You are the director of sales for a company named International Data Storage Services (IDSS), a company that provides data storage services for companies all over the world. Your employees are located all around the world and telecommute; essentially, all they need is a computer and telephone. You have been working on bringing in as many clients as possible and just landed a $2 million contract with Credit Data International, which has 100 offices around the world. Furthermore, all work is uploaded through electronic digital interchange (EDI). Also, in a wired world, paperless contracts are the norm.

In light of some new accounts coming into the company and working to promote its new services, IDSS has also created a few trademarks to ensure and protects its innovative technologies that have been developed in-house.

You have been asked to update your general counsel on 5 major issues and challenges that may affect the contract the legal team needs to write before business can begin. You decide to prepare a presentation that focuses on different areas the team needs to respond to when they write the contact.

Create PowerPoint slides (not including title or reference slides) with 100–150 words of speaker notes per slide. The presentation should cover the following:

  1. Define 4 different laws, and then describe how they could be applied to this scenario.
    • Define and list 1 top issue about intellectual property.
    • Define and list 1 top issue about cyber law.
    • Define and list 1 top issue about contract law.
    • Choose 1 other law that could be applied to this scenario.
  2. Choose 1 further law, and research a similar case that can serve as an example in this situation. Create a brief overview of the case, what happened, and the outcome.
  3. Also, cite at least 1 international law that applies to the scenario.
  4. Define international law, and explain how it applies to the scenario.

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