Budget request

Each problem below is worth one-half of the grade for this assignment. Make sure to carefully edit your work.

1. The Department of Revenue wants to add more people to the unit that attempts to collect unpaid taxes through telephone contact. As a budget analyst, what questions would you ask after you receive and review the following request? Be specific, look at the data carefully.

Date: June 19, 2018

Subject: Collection Telephone Pursuit

Currently there are 19 employees working on telephone pursuits on a full-time basis. Each employee can make an average of 25 to 40 phone calls per day. The amount collected by the 19 employees for the past year is $17,858,623. If we could add an automated phone system and increase our staff by 10 full-time employees, we could double the number of phone calls made and increase our collections by 59 percent, or $8,900,000.

2. City Library Performance Measures (2014-2017)Performance Measure 2014,2015,2016,2017 Materials in collection 43,93746,46446,00055,00 Borrowers registered 35,55438,08941,09343,247 Hours open per week 56565650 Book budget per capita$1.05$1.10$1.15$1.40Library materials circulated 187,481188,203188,050167,365 Patron visits 111,550110,939121,167103,49 1 Annual customer satisfaction survey- # of respondents 1,5001,3481,2561,243

Please refer to the above table and answer the following questions:

  • (a): What does the table tell us about performance of the city’s library?
  • (b): In your opinion, what kind of performance information is useful in this table?
  • (c): How could these performance measures be used in budget decisions?

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