Budget Document

Your budget presentation must include (at least) a proposed budget for this year and the previous year’s actuals (2016 or 2017 depending on FYE) using an internal financial report to which you have access or audited financials. Your project will be stronger if your proposed budget document contains both last year’s budget and actuals in addition to your proposal for this year’s budget. Plan early, as internal financial reports can be challenging to obtain, but let orgs know you are working on your Master’s degree, work your networks, be resourceful, that’s what leaders do.

The budget must consist of the following five (5) parts/sections

1) A summary budget (total org budget including all programs, administrative and development revenues and costs by natural classification) with budget totals compared to last year’s actuals (and budget if available)

2) The budgeted details for at least one program (more if org has multiple programs) and administrative and fundraising costs (see pptx for examples of multi-column presentation examples

3) Information showing how income was estimated/calculated with details (what specific sources in what amounts, Hint: look well at Budget Book chptr 15 for a template on how to report this info)

4) Information showing how salaries and benefits were calculated and allocated (see ppt and excel allocation examples for reference)

5) A narrative of no more than 2 pages explaining the budget (highlights), connecting it to the organization’s mission and explaining how general costs were allocated (what methodology was used: see ppt for ways/methods of expense allocation)

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