An important aspect of transitioning to a differentiated approach is informing students, parents, and guardians. They need to understand what a differentiated classroom might look like and how it will operate.

Develop a brochure or electronic handout that you could use to explain differentiation. Make the brochure/handout specific to your classroom, grade level, and/or school. Include the following:

●Your definition of differentiation;

●Your rationale for differentiation;

●What readers will see in student work and assignments, particularly those

   features they might find surprising or unfamiliar;

●What they will see in the assessment of student work (again, focus on those features with which parents/guardians might not be familiar).

Include easy-to-access resources for families on differentiation, including books, articles, and websites of interest (for paper brochures, consider creating “tiny urls” or QR codes for recommended websites rather than providing long, complex URLs). Draw upon the critical perspectives and knowledge from the readings when designing the document. Be sure to use family friendly language throughout (e.g., be wary of technical terms and educational jargon).

For full points, in a separate document, briefly explain your rational for including the information you did, clearly integrating a wide range of ideas from course readings and independent research, and citing your references using APA format. 

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