Breaking Down Costs

Question 1

Students are to develop a health business case including a zero-based budget that shows skills in breaking down costs for a service or project in relation to planned activity levels and outcomes or deliverables. This business case is to be developed from one of the examples available on VUWS or in discussion with the class tutor.

For your chosen service or health facility prepare a budget for this new service or project. Prepare this in a report format and as outlined on the VUWS website. In preparing the budget students should show the build-up of the budget from a zero base including all significant line items.

A contingency plan must be included (what happens if desired funding is not available to the optimal level desired) with at 10% less than the optimal budget. Show deletions and cost cutting measures.

Include a financial activity analysis and a break-even analysis chart to show at what level of activity the services ‘break even’. In the public sector this mens to come in on budget rather than make a profit.

Question 2

Select a brick and mortar company for your assignment

Topic: One day your CEO asks you to do a research on how to establish an E-Commerce web Site for Company.Designing E-commerce business plan and write a proper report for the company.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1-Demonstrate how electronic commerce can be used to create a competitive advantage for an organization

LO2-Differentiate business models related to B2B and B2C e-commerce

LO4-Design and develop e-commerce applications.

Explain many technical, ethical, and policy issues in electronic commerce

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