Breach Of Policy

scenario A Fulhu and Dhaleyka are a married couple and partners in a business that beauty products made from local stuff. The business proves to be extremely successful, and they open up a number of branches. In order to limit their liability, they instruct their solicitor to incorporate the business, calling the new company Fulhu-Dhaleyka Ltd. Advice on this matter.

scenario B Fulhu had layoffs some of is staffs from the company, And Fulhu has heard that with the layoffs and Ali’s termination, employees are worried about their futures with the company. Fulhu heard a rumour that Fareedha, an accounting clerk who occasionally works with the data service department at his company, contacted a trade union to see if it could provide the laid- off workers with some protection from losing their jobs. Fareedha has been asking co-workers during lunch if they would be interested in joining the union.

Fareedha is an excellent employee, with no discipline on her file, although she showed up for work 10 minutes late a couple of days ago because of car trouble. Fulhu is concerned that a trade union will organize the employees. He would like to terminate Fareedha’s employment for cause. He asks for your advice. Can Fulhu Terminate Fareedha from the job by arguing that being 10 minutes late is a breach of policy and justified the termination.

scenario D Fulhu terminated Fareedha from the company. His justification for the termination was that she was being late for 10 minutes, which is the breach of policy of the company. Fareedha had previously contacted a trade union. The trade union came for her to help. They had filed a case to tribunal. Fulhu wanted go to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Advice if Fulhu should go ahead with tribunal case or that, they should go for ADR.

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