Boot Rack

You have decided to start building woodcrafts in your workshop and will sell them at the upcoming 27th Annual Harvest Days Arts Festival. From the information on supply chains presented through Chapter 1 readings and other supplied information, draw and explain a proper supply chain for a craft item you will make available for sale at your booth.

Choose from one of the listed items.

  • Vegetable Storage Bin
  • Bird House
  • Wood Flower Planter Box
  • Boot Rack
  • Plant Stand – Mission Style

Plans and material lists for these items can be found on the Internet at Rod’s Woodworking Shop at

The finished assignment is to include:

1. A proper supply chain drawn on the computer; no hand-drawn supply chains. It is to include a minimum of 20 proper nodes on a minimum of six levels; do not exceed 35 nodes. Your finished supply chain is to fit on one 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper. Your submission will be printed on a printer that only uses 8 ½ x 11 paper. Any nodes drawn too close to the edge of the paper will not print. Make sure that all nodes are at least ½ inch from the edge of the paper.Submit it as a pdf file. Use specific information on each item as provided and available.

2. A written explanation of the supply chain. This is to be in paragraph form with proper grammar. When it comes to grading, this will be read by Dr. Thompson before looking at your supply chain. From this explanation the reader should be able to understand the supply chain you have drawn. The grade will reflect the detail and clarity provided.

This assignment focuses on nodes. Remember the difference between a node and a mode. Modes will not be counted.

To be graded assignment must include all of the following:

  • A supply chain with at least 20 proper nodes carried out to at least 6 levels/steps
  • The supply chain is computer generated, not hand drawn.
  • The basic required node of the supply chain. Without this node there is no supply chain.
  • A written explanation of your supply chain.

NOTE: Proper nodes to be featured in this assignment are the “supplies” needed throughout the chain and locations (festival booth, workshop, retailers, etc.). These should be nouns and not verbs.

Do not wait until the last minute (last day) to submit the assignment. Late assignment are not accepted. And do submit as a pdf document. Supply chains have a tendency to not load well when it is not a pdf file. Grade is based on what the assignment looks like when received, not how it looked when it was sent. Use a pdf. File.

If you have questions on drawing the supply chain, please talk to the professor no later than the day before the assignment is due. Professor is more than willing to look at “work in progress.” Dr. Thompson would much rather discuss it with you beforehand and know you understand the concept of supply chains than to review a submitted assignment and know you did not fully understand.

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