Bond Fund


This contingency table shows average yield (rows) and average duration (columns) for 38 bond  funds. For a randomly chosen bond fund, find the probability that:
a. The bond fund is long duration.
b. The bond fund has high yield.
c. The bond fund has high yield given that it is of short duration.
d. The bond fund is of short duration given that it has high yield.

short(D1) interm(D2) long(D3) total
small(y1) 8 2 0 10
Medium(y2) 1 6 6 13
hight (Y3) 2 4 9 15
11 12 15 38


  1. Examine how IaaS and PaaS trends in cloud computing will impact enterprise security policies in the short and long term. Support your findings with an example of each service in the cloud computing stack.
  2. Differentiate between physical, dedicated virtual, and shared virtual servers.


(a) Describe the properties of a normal distribution. 

(b) Why are there infinite possible normal distributions? 

(c) Why should one assume that sample data represents a population distribution? 

(d) When can a normal distribution can be a false presentation of the actual population data?  

(e) What are some examples of data that is not normally distributed?

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