Board of Education


The Maryland Board of Education is concerned that first year female High school teachers are receiving lower salaries than their male counterparts. Two independent random samples have been selected 550 observations from population 1 (female high school teachers) and 510 from population 2 (male high school teachers). The sample means obtained are X1(bar)=$45 k and X2(bar)=$47 k. It is known from previous studies that the population variances are 3.6 and 5.0 respectively. Using a level of significance of .05, is there evidence that the first year female high school teachers are receiving lower salaries? 


 As a nurse, Reflect on a caring and compassionate experience  with a patient or family encountered in your practice. How was your compassion demonstrated? What other ways do you wish you would have expressed caring?

  How does your thinking about compassion expand to include self and colleagues?


Discuss how the concept of “health” has changed overtime. Discuss how the concept has evolved to include wellness, illness, and overall well-being. How has health promotion changed over time? Why is it important that nurses implement health promotion interventions based on evidence-based practice?

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