Biotic Conditioning

1) Uncertain about the best way to keep his new lizard alive, Jerome places a heat lamp at one end of the long lizard cage. Over several days, Jerome notices that the lizard tends to sit in a certain place when the lamp is on. The lizard’s selection of a particular place to stay represents its:

A) range of tolerance.

B) temperature optimum.

C) biotic conditioning.

D) use of a limited resource.

2) ________________ are defined as two or more factors interacting in a way that causes an effect much greater than one would anticipate from each of the two acting separately.

A) Synergisms

B) Habitats

C) Niches

D) none of the above

3) Energy is lost as it moves from one trophic level to the next because:

A) one trophic level does not consume the entire trophic level below it.

B) some of the calories consumed drive cellular activities and do not add mass.

C) some ingested materials are undigested and eliminated.

D) All of the above.

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