Binomial Random Variable

1.Ten jelly beans are selected, one at a time from a bowl containing 10 black, 10 red and 10 green jelly beans. Let x represent the number of green jelly beans selected in 10 draws from the bowl.

(A)  If this experiment is completed without replacing the jelly beans, explain why x is not a binomial random variable.

(B)  If this experiment is completed with replacement of the jelly beans, explain why x is a binomial random variable.

2. In testing a new drug, researchers found that 10% of all patients using it will have a mild side effect. A random sample of 13 patients using the drug is selected. Find the probability that:
(A) exactly two will have this mild side effect

(B) at least three will have this mild side effect. 


Question: Your earned value analysis calculates, “The PV was $240, the EV is $230, and the AC is $250, so we have a CV of $-20 and an SV of -$10.” What does this information tell you about this project? What else might you need to know?

Explain this as though you were presenting to someone who does not understand the earned value terminology.

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