Binomial Distribution


what is Business Intelligence and why it is useful to your organization. Please watch the below videos and post why BI is needed in today’s business environment. Give some examples. You can expand on your current professional 


Summary Paper – Engaging in Action Research

After completing the readings for this week, access the link below and read the article.

  • “Top 5 Reasons for School Leaders to Engage in Action Research” by Nancy Fichtman (AASA–School Superintendents’ Association)

Submit a one- to two-page paper summarizing how principals who conduct action research can contribute to the dynamic school.


(4) In many ads for weight loss product, under the product claims and in small print, the following statement is made: “These results are not typical.” What does this say about the product being advertised? p. 687-688 Explain why each survey question might lead to an erroneous conclusion. 

(16) “Do you think that it is not important to give extra tutoring to students who are not failing?” 

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