Basic Structure

1) The elimination of leaded gasoline resulted in:

A) a doubling of gas mileage in cars.

B) a 40% increase in the sale of diesel-powered vehicles.

C) a benefit to cost ratio of at least 10 to 1.

D) the renewal of the ozone layer.

2) From 2001 to 2009, the Bush administration:

A) strengthened the United States support of the Kyoto Protocol.

B) developed an energy policy that favored heavy exploitation of fossil fuels.

C) strengthened air and water quality standards.

D) supported carbon emission reduction and renewable energy development.

3) A form of a biome is largely predicted by its:

A) diversity of plant and animal species.

B) diversity of soil microorganisms.

C) temperature and rainfall.

D) distance from the ocean.

4) During sublimation:

A) water changes from a solid directly to a gaseous form.

B) water molecules condense to form a liquid.

C) additional oxygen is added to water.

D) water molecules change their basic structure.

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