Basic Standards

Question 1

You are going to assume the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of an organization that is looking to institute a security program. You need to write up a white paper for senior management that encompasses the following:

  • An overview of an information security program and why it is important for an organization
  • A list of high-level topics that should be encompassed in a program and a brief explanation of each of those topics
  • From those high-level topics, you will take the top two that are most important, in your view, and create basic standards/procedures for implementing safeguards for those topics.
  • In your white paper, you will explain why you believe these two topics are the most important to put in place first. What makes these more important than other items?
  • The overall paper should be informational, but also provide data and evidence from outside sources to give credence to your discussion.

The paper should be 10-12 pages in length including title, contents and source pages, providing a broad overview of Information Security Programs and how it will help the organization fulfill its mission.

Remember, your audience is the senior management of the organization.

Question 2

There are three types of subjects when it comes to access control for a specific resource. Using APA format write 3-6 pages explaining these types of subjects along with the components of the ‘AAA’ or “Triple A” process.


Please use the Individual Project (IP) title page provided in the course material folder.

Your SA score should not be more than 30%. Indent all paragraphs must have at least four complete sentences and used sub-headers for each question. In-text citations and a reference list are also a requirement. You need to have at least 5 different cited sources. Please ensure that all cited sources are credible.

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