Barragan’s Homage to Albers

Write a critical response to Patricia O’Leary’s article “Barragan’s Homage to Albers”.
1. Read O’Leary’s article “Barragan’s Homage to Albers” thoroughly, twice.
2. In a Word document, begin with a title-page: your name, class, assignment # and date.
Beginning with page two, write a 500–1000-word critical response (“critical” does not mean that you point out what is wrong with the article; it means that you engage actively with the arguments it makes). Focusing on Albers’s theories of hue adjacency and color transparency, analyze Barragan’s implementation of these in built environments. As before, no summary of O’Leary’s article (or of Albers’s theories or of Barragan’s buildings) is to be included; instead, engage directly with the arguments O’Leary advances. Are these borne out by the evidence? You must do additional research (in scholarly sources; I’d suggest starting with JStor) to support your analysis.

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