Awareness Program

Question 1

Guidelines for preparing the presentation content

a) The presentation must be prepared with significant academic research and should reflect high degree of technical strength.

b) Following indicative items must be covered in the presentation content and seminar ▪ Introduction ▪ Technicalities – This should be discussed in detail elaborating how the exploit / attack work. It should include the origin, operation, architecture with diagrams, how it emerged from old / available vulnerabilities. ▪ Impact of the security breach on business and society – Assess the topic’s impact in affecting the business and society both in long run and in day to day operations. It may be quantified such as the number of users/systems effected or the amount of loss ($) to a targeted organization/country. ▪ Recommendations – Prospects of the selected topic in future based on your research as well as your personal analysis with takeaway points. ▪ Conclusion ▪ Bibliography – List all related articles, journals, books, and sites.

c) Students are advised to consult recent (2012-2017) scholarly publications, blogs, and articles and not to use sources such as Wikipedia, webopedia, and forum discussions that are not academically accepted.

d) Any reference to authors and other writers shall be quoted with due acknowledgement in the presentation using Harvard Referencing System. 

e) Avoid writing paragraphs, and ensure professional touch is maintained in the slide design.

f) Use of animations/ videos are welcome however, presenters, your contribution is weighted more.

Question 2

the report should be about ” Building Innovative Approaches to Awareness Programs”

and How do you build an effective cybersecurity awareness program? Now is the time to provide specifics — what exactly is an innovative awareness program? 


  • Prepare a 2 page report, single spaced, size 12.

Note: Prepare a class PowerPoint Presentation (minimum 15-20 slides) and DEMO with all the requirements of this Research Paper (Survey, results, table, diagram, etc) (50% of your grade is based on DEMO) (2.5 points)

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