Automotive Components

XYZ manufacturing company manufactures automotive components (e.g., windshield wipers, spark plugs, bearings, etc.,) for the automotive industry.  The company measures the work performance of the technical workers using the following:

1.  Number of units or parts produced in a week;

2.  Number of days of unannounced absent in a year due to personal or sick leave;

3.  How easy is it to work with the employee? which is rated by the supervisor as unsatisfactory, satisfactory, and excellent.

4.  Number of units or parts produced that are defective or fails quality checks.

5.  Dependability:  How dependable the employee is in terms of work quality and quantity and attendance?  Very dependable, dependable, and not dependable as rated by the supervisor, coworkers, and other departments with whom the employee has contacts.

6.  Determination:  The supervisor rates the employee as to how determined the employee is in completing the work  in the assigned time;

7.  Helpfulness:  How often does the employee go out of his/her way to help coworkers who are in need to help complete their tasks.

8.  Taking frequent smoke breaks and rest room breaks

For each of the above job performance criterion, explain (based on your reading of the chapter and understanding):

a.  The type of data (judgmental vs non-judgmental and type of judgmental data – be sure  to explain why);

b.  OCB vs CWB (be sure to explain why)

c.  How might these job performance measures be related?  How valid or invalid each one might be?  

d.  How can we combine these into a single criterion?  Or, is it even possible to combine them into a single criterion? Why or why not?

e.  Can we convert these into dollar terms?  If so, how can we do it?  If not, why can’t we do it?



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