Automatic Teller Machine


A multiple-choice test has 20 questions. There are four choices for each question. A student comes to class with four different colored balls of identical shape and size in her pocket. She has decided to draw one ball from her pocket per question and allow the color of the ball to select the answer for each question. What type of probability distribution can be used to figure out her chance of getting 10 questions right?

 A. Hypergeometric

B. Poisson

C. Normal

D. Binomial


Which of the following cannot generate a Poisson distribution?

A. The number of people at a movie theatre on Friday evening

B. The number of customers arriving at an automatic teller machine (ATM) in a minute

C. The number of defects in a new automobile

D. The number of goals in the World Cup soccer game


Which of the following is a characteristic of every binomial distribution?

 A. Each outcome is dependent on the previous outcome.

B. The probability of success increases from trial to trial.

C. Each outcome is mutually exclusive.

D. The outcome of the trial depends on the number of trials.

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