Audience Feedback


  • One of the problems with non-verbal language is that it is difficult to interpret. You are giving a presentation to your associates at work (or classmates in class) and you observe the following non-verbal behavior in your audience members.
    • One associate/student is writing the entire time you are talking.
    • One associate/student is smiling although you are talking about a serious issue.
    • One associate/student has his/her eyes closed.
  • Discuss three possible interpretations of each non-verbal behavior and analyze how each interpretation would influence the speaker’s evaluation of audience feedback/change.


100 people were offered the chance to select one of five fruits. 12% selected an apple, 50% selected and orange, etc. until each of the 100 people selected one of five fruits. How do you calculate if the percent of people selecting an apple (12%) is statistically significantly different than the percent selecting an orange 50% ???


 What are notable issues on gender-role development in society today and how are we as a family and society reacting?

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