Assumption and Constraints

First select one of the emerging technologies as the ongoing course project topic which are either WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, INTERNET OF THINGS, 3D PRINTING, AUGMENTED REALITY OR MACHINE TO MACHINE TECHNOLOGY. The formal report and PowerPoint are to incorporate the objectives of the course including but not limited to: an evaluation of the emergence of the selected technologies and their impact on society; a detailed explanation of the potentially disruptive nature of selected technologies; and application of methodologies for evaluating the emerging technologies. You must choose one of the following business scenarios for your final project:

  1. A New York fashion business produces new lines of clothing and a monthly magazine. It also has monthly runway shows live in five major cities, produces content for a large website, and disseminates videos via YouTube and other means. The business desires to augment and amplify its clothing line with the technology you choose.
  2. A current reality show producer produces audio/video content involving cooking run-offs, investigations of world foods, public broadcasting station documentaries, web content, and a talk show. The producer needs to find an advantage over its competition and would like to know if the technology you choose will put it in the lead and how it may be done.
  3. A large international importer imports food commodities from all over the world. It also owns an additional venture that manufacturers restaurant supplies. The importer wants to integrate all of its resources and provide up-to-the minute information to all of those who hold interest in the company by implementing your technology choice.
  4. An international realty company owns, rents, and sells properties in eleven different countries. Each country has a branch office. The main headquarters is in the Philippines. The reality company wants to be the cutting edge force in the realty industry by utilizing the technology of your choice.
  5. Seventeen world electrical production companies have joined forces to create a common cooperative that is setting the standards for the industry. The cooperative itself is a large international organization and is the focus of the study. They would like to implement the technology you choose in order to provide better services for their constituents.
  6. The Nascar industry intends to implement the emerging technology you choose to augment current operations, amplify data collection, storage and usage, and to provide fans, investors, and companies with the most current capabilities possible.
  7. A large sports association that provides oversight of all of the sports teams in the business is poised to integrate national teams into its ranks. The association wants to leverage the technology you choose to the best advantage.
  8. A Department of Defense contractor produces and manufactures cutting edge items for the military. They employ a think tank that evaluates and recommends innovations that can be used to ensure national policy at home and in the world. They have hired you as a member of the think tank and want to see what you can come up with using the technology of your choosing.
  9. A large pharmaceutical company needs to find new avenues to market its products. It wants to diversify its marketing to include technology that can interact more personally with potential clients. They would like to know if the technology you choose will satisfy their needs.
  10. A major home technology augmentation company develops, manufacturers, and installs the latest and greatest household and appliance augmenting capabilities in top dollar, high end homes. They would like you to help them foresee what the technology of your choosing can do to enhance their business operations and home offerings.

The completed final project should include the following sections:

  • Title Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Purpose /Scope
  • History
  • Methodology
  • Current Systems and Processes / Environment
  • Issues
  • Assumptions and Constraints
  • Objectives
  • Alternatives
  • Comparison of Alternatives
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendixes

Your final paper must be a minimum of 3500 words, not counting Title

page, Table of Contents, References or Appendix. It should demonstrate a

strong analysis of the technologies being analyzed supported by

research from at least 4 (preferably more) different sources. Include

in-text citations throughout the paper as support of your views and

provide matching references at the end of the paper.

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