Assertiveness Scorecard

Using the Assertiveness Scorecard format shown in the text (blank form included below, two cards per sheet), complete 10 separate scorecards over a 7-day period.  Do not use more than 2 situations from any one day.  At the end of your scorecard document, include your analysis.

Grading criteria for scorecards (10 points):

  • Put all 10 scorecards in one document. 
  • Scorecards should be completed in detail, giving specific descriptions for each section.
  • You should correctly identify your behavior in in situation as Assertive, Passive, Aggressive, or Passive/Aggressive.

Grading criteria for analysis (10 points):

  • Write a 1-2 page paper that describes your communication style in terms of the types described in chapter 1 of our book.
  • Describe trends or habits in your communication style: work vs home, with certain people, in certain stressful situations, etc.
  • Reference specific situations (from your scorecards or others) that illustrate these trends or habits.

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