In week 1 of class, you will be assigned a health condition (Arthritis). This assignment will assess your ability to write
and present an assessment that is appropriate for an academic context. Workshops, workshop preparation
material and post-workshop material will provide you with guidance on how to write and format your
The condition that you write about in your assignment will also be used for your oral presentation.
In your 1,000 words you need to:
1. Complete a search strategy for each main
area of your assignment and include this as an appendix with your assessment. Your search strategy
should be completed BEFORE you start writing your assignment.
2. Describe the condition
3. Report relevant statistics related to this condition in Australia. Include statistics related to Indigenous
Australians- this needs to be included as a Level 3 sub-heading.
4. Report relevant statistics related to this condition in one other country from the Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade website: . This
website reflects acceptable country names and spelling, and only the full names of countries on this
list will be accepted in your writing (e.g.: USA should be referred to as the United States of America,
not the US, USA, America, etc.)
5. Describe one prevention, management, or treatment method or strategy for the condition
6. Describe the role of two health professions that may be involved in the prevention, management, or
treatment method or strategy for the condition discussed in point 4.
7. Include one direct quote from a credible source
8. Include a correctly cited table or figure to support your statistics.
9. Correctly cite and reference at least five credible sources, with at least three sources being peerreviewed journal articles. Information sources need to include a book (or E-book); and/or
government reports (e.g.: World Health Organization or Australian Bureau of Statistics). As all health
conditions allocated appear in Australia’s Health 2018, it is expected that this will be included as one
of your sources.
10. All sources must be academically credible, refer to current information, and have been published
within the last 10 years.

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