Arterial Insufficiency


The mother of a three month old infant states that her baby has not been gaining weight. With further questioning the FNP finds that the infant falls asleep after nursing and wakes up after a short amount of time hungry again. What other information with the FNP want to have? 

a. The position that baby sleeps in 

b. Sibling history of eating disorders 

c. Amount of background noise when eating 

d. Presence of dyspnea or diaphoresis when sucking 


In assessing a patient’s major risk factors for heart disease which would the FNP want to include when taking a history? 

a. Family history, hypertension, stress, age 

b. Personality type, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking 

c. Smoking, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol 

d. Alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes, stress, high cholesterol 


The FNP is assessing… the pulses of a patient who has been admitted for untreated hyperthyroidism. The FNP should expect to find a—— pulse

a. normal 

b. absent 

c. bounding 

d. weak, thread 


A patient complains of leg pain that wakes him at night. He states that he has been having problems with his legs. He has pain in his legs his legs when they are elevated, which disappears when he dangles them. He recently noticed a sore on the inner aspect of his right ankle. On the basis of this history information the FNP interprets that the patient is most likely experiencing 

a. pain related to lymphatic abnormalities. 

b. problems related to arterial insufficiency. 

c. problems related to venous insufficiency. 

d. pain related to musculoskeletal abnormalities. 

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