Art Museum

Question 1

What exactly is the Coleman Museum of Art? What business are they in? How do they compete?What is the ‘image of the Coleman Museum of Art?How would you rate the overall performance of the Coleman Museum of Art?What are the roles and financial expectations for a museum’s auxiliary activities?

Howare these performing?

How might they be adjusted?

What recommendations should Ms. Mercer and Mr. pate make to the Coleman Art Museum’s Board of Trustees?

Prepare a basic income statement (like the one shown in Exhibit # 2 in the case). Include revenues and costs? What price changes need to be made?

Question 2

Ho Yan Hor Sdn Bhd is a family business founded in 1940. Its most famous product is the Chinese Herbal Tea that relieves cold, vomit and diarrhea. The overall business performance was flat for the last three years. The company hires you as the chief strategist to increase the business volume. How would you start your strategic planning process in the first 30 days of your job?

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