Art Games

For this journal entry requires you to use your example game to make an argument about games and art. You will need to draw on two readings: one by Hocking in arguing games are art and one by Roger Ebert arguing games cannot be art. You are tasked with a) rebutting or b) supporting Hocking’s thesis that games are, in fact, art. Defend your arguments by assessing each of Hocking’s points against a contemporary game, and exploring in detail why you believe what you believe. While Hocking’s piece discusses games in the general sense, your analysis should be specific, detailing the game’s various aspects as necessary to support your argument.

  1. Read Hocking’s article and Roger Ebert’s article on whether games can be art. These readings can be found in the Art Games for Feb. 22nd folder in Course Documents.

Links:  1.


  • Form your own opinion about whether or not games can be art.
  • Choose a game. It can be digital or analog, but should be the best example you can find to support your opinion. If you can, attach screenshots or actual play videos to provide additional documentation.
  • Write a game journal entry detailing your position. This entry should provide specific details from and analysis of your example game, as well as responding specifically to points raised by Hocking and Ebert’s articles. Make sure to cite the authors in your entry by using their names.

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